ZacharyCarter | 571.315.1128 | Warrenton, VA |
Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, VA
   Sep 2003 May 2008
CARFAX, Inc. Centreville, VA
   Jul 2012 Present
Developed Spring Batch process to load data intake metrics into Salesforce for assisting with customer retention and contractual
agreement verification.
Wrote several Spring MVC RESTful web services to create an API which our business intelligence department can consume to enrich
their data sets.
Assisted in the creation of several Rabbit AMQP producers and consumers for itegrating internal applications and systems with other
line of business soware systems at CARFAX.
Maintained and fixed defects in several legacy CARFAX ColdFusion applications. Helped extensively with the stabilization eorts of
one of CARFAX’s least-stable legacy applications. Also eventually added new features to several legacy applications when necessary.
Assisted in the retirement and replacement of CARFAX’s legacy CRM system with Salesforce.
Led the eort to retire and replace a research-cost tracking feature in CARFAX’s consumer support research tool, with a React web
Was the lead developer for CARFAX’s Sell My Car pilot web application.
Lead developer for CARFAX’s national launch of their Sell My Car web application add-on embedded widget product.
Designed and implemented soware architecture for Sell My Car product.
Developed CLI tool for assisting with enriching email marketing campaign data sets with vehicle history, and dealership data.
Epsilon Data Management, LLC Arlington, VA
  Jun 2011 Jul 2012
Worked on several SOAP web services written in Java using TIBCO BusinessWorks. The web services were built to power the front end
of a web application we were building to replace a legacy email marketing product we had acquired.
Prototyped a method for writing unit tests of TIBCO BusinessWorks visual workflows, and wrote unit tests for several of the services
we were developing.
Assisted in designing and refining the data model for the backend of our application which was in development.
Implemented the WS-Security extension in newly created web services.
American Cadastre, LLC Herndon, VA
  Apr 2010 Jul 2011
Fixed minor defects in business applications that were written in VB.NET and C# and persisted data to MS SQL Server databases.
Authored new feature for capturing and scanning application that provided import and export of data from and to CD/DVD.
Built a SharePoint 2010 web application, and several RESTful WCF services for managers to forecast revenue projections on various
projects. Project data was periodically extracted from MS Dynamics CRM and transformed and loaded into SharePoint.
Built a dashboard for presenting revenue projections inside of SharePoint using Microso PowerPivot. Helped business gain insight
into when revenue would be arriving from customers.
Researched and prototyped on-demand refreshing of MS PowerPivot data inside of SharePoint 2010.
Integrated capture and scanning application with SharePoint 2010 for document storage and archival purposes.
American Cadastre, LLC Herndon, VA
   Oct 2008 Apr 2010
Routinely tested a suite of desktop applications, that were written in VB.NET and C# on version 2.5 of the .NET Framework.
Regression tested soware applications using manual methods, on a per-release, per-application basis.
Filed defect reports, and triaged defect severity.
Authored technical documentation in the form of a product manual, for interal training purposes.
Led internal training course for group of peers on use of newly developed soware product.
Assisted developers with hunting down defects in code by learning to interact with MS SQL Server, and gaining an entry-level under-
standing of application programming.
Wrote an automated script in VB.NET to test accuracy rates in a new feature related to document scanning and OCR that was added
to one of our newer products.
Assisted in the creation of testing strategies for all company products.
Virginia Holocaust Museum Richmond, VA
 Summer 2007 Spring 2008
Watched and wrote synopses of audio and video interviews of holocaust witnesses and survivors.
Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, Python, Nim, Zig, Lua, TypeScript, Go
Databases: MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Redis, Memcached, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle 11G, SQLite
Cloud Native: Kubernetes, AWS, Docker
Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React
CI/CD: Jenkins, Travis CI, Gitlab, Git, Subversion, CVS
Tooling: Make, CMake, Premake, Gradle, Maven
Testing: JUnit, Jest, Mocking
zengine Nim
        
NimRL Nim
     
bgfx.nim Nim
      
nuklear-nim Nim
       
blt-nim Nim
      
cfx-recommender Python
        
Nim Playground Nim
        
        
World Map Generator Java
     
 
Eagle Scout,              
Troop 1983